“The elite of the French cello”


“Alert, responsive and lively, this young artist explored sounds with engaging attentiveness.”


“Christian-Pierre La Marca is clearly one of today’s great cellists. Elegance and a lot of tenderness. Follow him quickly…”


“Christian-Pierre La Marca kneads the melodies well on the cello. “


“Jia and La Marca find in Beethoven’s Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin, Violoncello and Orchestra, reinforced by Markus Wolf, an almost perfect balance between inside and outside, chamber music intimacy and virtuoso playing brilliance. Thanks to him that the work does not mutate into a combination of three soloist, but becomes a model of musical communication.”


“La Marca excelled throughout, creating a prickly sense of foreboding. The zenith of the evening was undoubtedly the achingly elegiac third movement, Assez lent, where all musicians were exceedingly good. Here, cellist Christian Pierre La Marca really shone, enveloping the hall with a dark, sepulchral energy.”

“Christian-Pierre La Marca succeeds on a collective work, elaborate technique and sensitivity with the singing and expressive lines connect to a unity.”


“The work shows his abiding love for the cello, which often gets the best tunes in his late works, and La Marca’s handling of the andante second movement was a highlight. This was a wonderful nuanced performance with Schubert’s sparkling melodies shining through. “

“The passion and precision was immediately apparent. Indeed, there have been many times where I have wanted to break out in applause midwork in response to virtuosity but restrain yourself, such was the impulse a number of times during the piece. (…) leaving the audience spiritually uplifted and crying for more… “


“Certainly their performances were immaculately finished and polished, but warmer and flexible. La Marca’s soulful cello (…) contributed to a performance of great expressive breadth and intensity.”

“There was nothing surreal about this concert, he fashioned performances that were consistently well crafted, expressively searching and technically brilliant.”


“A musician of great talent: Christian-Pierre La Marca possesses extreme depth and sensitivity.”


“A complete artist. His unique phrasing exalts all the spirituality of cello singing.”