How about a concert for the planet ?

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An initiative of Chistian-Pierre La Marca

Like a majority of people, I wonder and worry about our future in a context of extraordinary global warming. What will we leave as a legacy to our children? What can we do? How? For years, I have been asking myself very simply what I can do to contribute my contribution to a building that is being torn down. Of course, I do my best with simple gestures on a daily basis, but I have been looking for ways to invest more fully in a cause that seems to me to be a priority.

So three years ago, I started dreaming about what I could really do, I asked around, I searched… and I decided to launch a collective of artists to serve this cause, through a concert “for the Planet”. »

At the same time, I discovered the actions of the GoodPlanet Foundation carried out by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and found in his team, an ally of choice to develop this project and raise funds for major environmental actions.

"Acting makes you happy!"

I am delighted with this initiative led by Christian-Pierre La Marca. Music has always had an important place in my works.

Created in 2005, the GoodPlanet Foundation offers artistic and educational projects to raise awareness among the widest possible public throughout the world, notably through its Action Carbone Solidaire program, which to date supports 25 solidarity and environmental projects in 12 countries.

With the GoodPlanet Foundation, we do not ignore the reality of the loss of life on our planet. But, rather than discouraging us, this reality drives us to act and this concert is proof of this. Above all, what drives me is to make people, companies, associations, politicians, artists… want to get involved. Because we are happier when we put meaning into our daily gestures and choices. »

Yann Arthus-Bertrand
President of the GoodPlanet Foundation