In their first CD already (Maurice Ravel, chamber music – Fuga Libera FUG547 – Diapason d’Or, CHOC of the year 2009 in Classica), the Dali trio has shown a remarkable balance between the impulsiveness of youth, a superior technique and the maturity acquired with the best masters – Augustin Dumay, Abdel Rahman El Bacha, the Artemis Quartet– at Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth. The individual qualities of its three members enable them to take on sonatas just as effectively as trios. This is the format adopted here in another summit of chamber music, Schubert’s two piano trios and the two traditional stumbling blocks for violinists, cellists and pianists: the Arpeggione and the Fantasy in C major. If the Arpeggione, marvelously interpreted here, is not a rarely played piece, the Fantasy on the other hand certainly is : discarded from most recitals because of its difficulty, this masterpiece had however been written in December 1827, straight after the Trio in E flat ! This double album, recorded once again in the magical Studio 4 at Flagey in Brussels, ought to demonstrate that the Dali are now definitely playing in the best league.

In the press

If, in a saturated record market, the ascent to such heights requires something new to be heard, this is indeed the case of this refreshing ensemble that opens new paths and treats us from one end to the other with its masterful performance.
In addition to the two trios, cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca performs in an Arpeggione sonata of rare elegance.


If it can be said that they engrave in marble, it is in so far as their playing, for
musicians still at the dawn of their careers, testifies to a confounding maturity, accomplishment and perfection. Rarely has Schubert's music unfolded its nocturnal Sabbaths under such poetically constellated firmaments.


They understood everything about Schubert! A sensitive as well as intellectual understanding, served by an instrumental technique docile to the slightest subtleties of the text. One thing is certain: they have entered the big league.


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