East, west, south or north, there is no difference. It doesn't matter where you go, just make sure you make every journey an inner journey. If you travel inwardly, you will travel the whole world and beyond

Elif ShafakFrom "Soufi mon amour"


A unique collaboration between two brilliant and generous musicians, between two friends, between two stage lovers : Christian-Pierre La Marca and Félicien Brut. An outstanding classical duo of French virtuosos of the new generation !

Combining accordion and cello may seem surprising, but it only takes a few minutes to realize that these two have so much to say together… Once you’ve heard the combination, few things are as captivating as the sound of a cello and accordion together. It is a richness of shared reed, mellow and sweet, made richer by the distinct phrasing of the bellows and the bow stroke. They are highly complementary instruments that produce an ever-different tapestry of sound.

Both La Marca and Brut share a love for innovative music programming, a curiosity for a wide range of repertoires and styles, and a commitment to new works for their respective instruments.

From baroque to chanson, from the romantic repertoire to the national schools, the two musicians take us on a journey through time and space. Eastern European composers meet those of the New World, and the music of yesterday clashes with the music of today.

Jean-Philippe Rameau opens the ball before Béla Bartók waltzes alongside Tony Murena, Frédéric Chopin and Dimitri Shostakovich greet George Gershwin and Astor Piazzolla, David Popper or Carl Maria von Weber give the reply to Ariel Ramirez or Richard Galliano.

This is how Christian-Pierre and Félicien’s fingers pass through the centuries, the eras and the continents. From East to West, the strings of the cello merge with the breath of the accordion to remind us that our world is as small as the musical heritage it holds is large…




The Program

Les Sauvages
from  “Les Indes Galantes”
Jean-Philippe Rameau

Six Popular Romanian Dances
from Béla Bartók

Hungarian Rhapsody
from David Popper

from the ballet “Le Ruisseau Clair”
Dimitri Chostakovitch

La Folia – Spanish Madness
from Marin Marais
(solo cello)

Three Preludes
from George Gershwin
arrangement Lucas Henri

Prelude in e minor, opus 28
from Frédéric Chopin
arrangement  Domi Emorine, from Motion Trio

Konzertstück in Fa minor
Final – Presto giocoso

from Carl Maria von Weber
(solo accordion)

Vuelvo al Sur
from Astor Piazzolla

Alfonsina y el mar
from Ariel Ramirez
arrangement Domi Emorine

Passion – Indifférence – Vesoul
from Tony Murena, Joseph Colombo and Jacques Brel

Tango pour Claude
from Richard Galliano