In residence at Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth with the Artemis quartet, the Dali trio is a French ensemble of an exceptional level, rewarded with numerous prizes in Japan, Germany and the Unites-States in 2008. Amandine Savary, Vineta Sareika and Christian-Pierre La Marca, adding to their intense solo schedule, devote a large part of their wonderful energy to make up the trio, which is already leading them to the four corners of the world. By capturing the brilliance of their youthfulness, the subtleties of their tones, and their apparently endless quest for perfection, Fuga Libera and Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth have cooperated to make known one of tomorrow’s great trios, in a repertoire comprising three summits of Maurice Ravel’s production.

In the press

The three young musicians are not satisfied with their obvious individual solidity. They present a magnificent ensemble work based on listening and timbre research. Their ability to create infinite climates and colours without ever losing the harmonic and rhythmic modernity of the Ravellian language commands respect. They show a rather breathtaking finesse of play. Their musical maturity, their intelligence of phrasing and sound construction are admirable, all the more so as the three musicians retain the pleasure of playing in the noblest sense of the word.


It is with a formidable imagination and authority that Dali approaches Ravel in all his subtlety and contrasts. The Trio (1914) seduces with its picturesque. The judicious tempi are conducive to meditation, to captivating phrasing and thoughtful mischief... Each painting imprints the retina of a new universe masterfully moving from lightness (II) to resigned nostalgia (III) or from misty shadow to light (IV). These young musicians direct their ardour and epicurean temperament with great taste and maturity, without excess, in the greatest respect for writing.


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