This recording is the first made by the Trio Dali with the violinist who has just joined them, Jack Liebeck. After a Ravel disc in 2009, followed by a Schubert disc, the Trio is now devoting itself to the two Mendelssohn trios and transcriptions of Bach. The Trio Dali has chosen to link these two Mendelssohn trios with works by a composer whom Mendelssohn had widely rediscovered in his time, Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a kind of mirroring of Mendelssohn and Bach that the Trio Dali proposes with this recording.

In the press

Brilliantly and perfectly in tune with Felix Mendelssohn's aesthetic.
The initial Allegros (molto Allegro agitato and Allegro energico e con fuoco), carried away, feverish, thrilling and irresistible, contrast with the Andante's collected, posed, with dramatic, even meditative but controlled accents. What can we say about their ideal involvement in the Scherzos, which are in turn magical, leaping and exalted.
A delight of purity and communicative spirit.


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