Suites for cello

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Young cellist in full ascent, Christian-Pierre La Marca dares to play Bach's Suites with a certain aplomb and immediately puts lovers of beautiful sonorities on his side: velvety or clapping basses, unctuous medium, diaphanous trebles, never whistling. (...) There is a real spontaneity in this interpretation, showing a formidable potential and an already perfect technique. Not the slightest hitch, firm attacks, powerful double strings, a free left hand. A lot of promise.


Christian-Pierre La Marca knows how to let the suites unfold in the strings, take hold of his instrument and organise their wide harmonic breathing, which is hardly disturbed by minor ornaments during the repeats. The safety of the bow, the purity of the intonation, the line holding and the refusal to pose lead the listener directly to the heart of the mystery of the unspeakable. (...) Whether he makes him sing or dance with the grace of a tightrope walker, Christian-Pierre La Marca obtains from his 1725 Stradivarius an expression that is always articulate and clear, magnified by natural sound recording. This is the exquisite hour. Two hours even.


We have heard the cello suites a hundred times, but this is really a sound of today that comes out of this album, a very full sound that also allows us to hear the musician breathing in music. We have the impression that we are truly at the heart of the instrument!


Cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca's sound is one that speaks and sings immediately. There is also a sovereign sense of balance, a kind of natural classicism that returned any quarrel of style futile. And all this at the age of 29, in the cellist's bible! The nerve leaning on humility is what characterized this new star of the French cello school: the forty-somethings Queyras, Coppey, Demarquette, Philips just have to behave themselves, here is the magnificent La Marca today.

Le Figaro

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